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This page is mainly so I can dump
whatever the hell I want!!!


these bring me immeasurable amounts of joy.

im so fucked up im in ruins i have no money and i owe people art and have for like 2 months as of now and i feel so guilty over it im just trying to fucking survive im suicidal yet have severe thanatophobia and cant sleep because of it but i also sleep in because i wish i would just never wake up again and i owe the bank money which i dont have and im so impulsive and stupid and lonely the few friends i do have im so distant with its basically just myself living in my own fucked up isolated world and i dont know what to do my body hurts from my exhaustion via panics and hallucinations and shocks and also because i have crippling sciatica and can barely function and also adhd hardcore with my autism so mixing that with depression and constant physical pain leaves me not doing the little chores and deeds i need to do for others and its not like i can do anything for anyone else let alone myself i cant do a fucking thing for myself and i live in an isolated miserable state im not allowed to live whilst those around me are thriving its aggravating im a stunted wilted flower

⇦ this will be me in 5 seconds or maybe 5 years i dont know it will just be me eventually

⇦ this is me right now (and always will be dont get me wrong. i am collecting titles)

⇦ this is ALSO me haha wtf....